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Adventure Beyond Boundaries – The Polar Odyssey



The Ride 

It has been a year since the historic Trans-Siberian Odyssey (TSO), lead by Deepak Kamath was
successfully completed which made the Bajaj Dominar 400 the first and only Indian motorcycle to
conquer this hostile terrain on one of the world’s toughest journeys. This year Deepak decided to go
one further and once again astride the best Indian touring machine is attempting to outdo his own
record by setting out on yet another intercontinental journey - The Polar Odyssey.



This latest expedition will see three riders undertake a journey from the North Pole to the South
Pole. This is the longest ride across the Americas undertaken by Indians, riding on the toughest
terrain from Pole to Pole, starting from Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic circle to Ushuaia, the closest point
to the Antarctic.


The Polar Odyssey also covers 4 of the world’s toughest roads on a single odyssey, namely

  • James Dalton Highway, Arctic Circle
  • North Yungas Road, Road of Death – Bolivia
  • Atacama Desert Pan American Highway towards Chile
  • Dempster Highway, Arctic Circle

    The entire ride will span over four months, covering a distance of more than 50,000km across 17
    countries in North, Central and South America. To give an idea of how demanding the ride would be,
    the riders will have to average a distance of at least 450 km every day to complete the journey
    within the given timeframe. While this itself sounds intimidating enough, these riders will also have
    to journey through some of the most dangerous routes in the world. This includes the James Dalton
    Highway in the Arctic, the Atacama Desert in Chile and the North Yungas Road in Bolivia, better
    known as the ‘Death Road’. To make things even more extreme, the riders will have no support


    The Riders -

    The Dominar Polar Odyssey challenge is being taken up by three passionate riders – Deepak Kamath,
    Avinash PS, and Deepak Gupta.

    1. Deepak Kamath

    Deepak Kamath actually needs no introduction to passionate tourers around India. A dedicated biker from Bangalore who has been travelling since the age of 18, he has 4,00,000+ kms covered till date and plans to chase adventures for years to come. Travel and adventure are second nature and he has carried out various expeditions in cycling, motorcycling, driving, and also trekking/hitchhiking.
    Among his many adventures are;
    In 1988, he participated in the All India Cycling Expedition across 17 Indian States and Nepal.
    In 1989-1990, he participated in the World Cycling Expedition which had be called off as the cycle got stolen at the Greece-Bulgaria border.
    In 1990, he took his 1979 model Yezdi Classic for an all- India trip where he clocked 10280 Kms in 17 days across India and Nepal. 
    In 1994-1995, he took part in the Yezdi-Castrol Continental Raid to cover the length and breadth of the equator which is a staggering 40075 kms or 24901 miles across all 6 continents with a motive to travel a minimum of 1000 miles (1610 kms) in each continent without using the same road twice.  A total of 42038 Km was covered in 47 days on the bike and 119 days in total. A record.
    He has owned various bikes like the Yezdi Classic, Yezdi Roadking, Yamaha FZ, TVS RTR, and currently rides the Benelli 600 GTS (which he fondly calls #Armstrong). The motivation behind his rides is sheer passion. He believes in the philosophy "I Travel Because I'd rather look back at my life, saying
    “I can't believe I did that" Instead of "if only I had". Truly a remarkable man.


    2. Avinash PS

    Avinash is a hardcore adventurer who has travelled on many rides across India and Bhutan. He has also conquered the dunes and mounds of the Sinai desert in Egypt. Apart from touring and adventuring, he has also sharpened his track skills at the Motegi Racetrack in Japan and is now a regular rider at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore, India.

    3. Deepak Gupta

    Also known as “The Mountain man”, Deepak has 3 decades of riding experience with a whopping 12,00,000 lakh kilometers spent on the saddle alone. He is also an active member of the Group of Delhi Superbikers (G.O.D.S) and has covered Italy, France, Switzerland and Monte Carlo on a BMW 700 GS with a team of 15 riders from the group. He was bestowed with the title “The Mountain Man” due to his numerous treks and trips to the Himalayas. In 2017, he was invited by the
    Government of Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand to promote adventure tourism on motorcycles. He states that he is always ready and is in continuous seek of opportunities to travel around the world.

    The Riding Gear -

    We at Spartan ProGear were delighted to be a part of the previous Trans Siberian Odyssey (TSO) as the official riding gear partner. At that time we were  approached by Deepak to develop adventure touring gear that would sustain him and his team over the toughest conditions and terrain the world had to offer and we were delighted at the opportunity!


    After careful design and development we were able to produce the Odysseus Touring Suit, which would cater to the needs of the team over the long and arduous journey that they were about to undertake. This gear was eventually tested to the most extreme limits during the TSO by the riders and the feedback and observations were put into further product design and development.




    The result of this extreme testing was a product that would be able to withstand ANY conditions and ANY terrain over a sustained period of time. It was not a surprise then that Deepak approached us again for his new Odyssey once again, as the Official Riding Gear Partner. To learn more about this revolutionary touring suit, click here – link to Odysseus Touring Suit Page