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Enter and stand a chance to win an Macna Furio Jacket


  • The contestant should be a follower of @spartanprogear on Instagram.
  • He/She should upload a picture consisting of any SPG apparel/gear on their own Instagram profile (public) with the hashtag #safetyisanattitude and tag @spartanprogear in the caption.


  • The contest begins at August 13, 00:00 (Midnight at 12) and ends on August 17, 11.59 pm .

How it works:

  • The contestants upload their picture along with the hashtag #safetyisanattitude from August 13, 00:00 Hours till August 17, 11.59 pm.
  • The winner of this contest will be announced on the next Sunday (August 19).
  • The next Sweepstakes commences on the same day (August 19) at midnight 00:00 hours.
  • All the above steps repeat once again.


  • Any picture uploaded before/after the beginning/end of the respective timeframes will not be considered into the sweepstakes.
  • Botting/Spamming/Like farming is strictly prohibited.
  • Only one image per person is allowed per sweepstakes, however the same contestant can take part in all sweepstakes with a different image.
  • Spartan ProGear is the deciding authority to shortlist and select the winners based on various criteria.
  • The prize will be disclosed along with the winner on (August 19 - 5 P.M)
  • The giveaway product will be available in all sizes and the winner can choose it as per their requirement.