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Posted on September 05 2017

Why We Ride...

What makes riding a motorcycle so exhilarating, yet enriching? That wind-in-the-hair feeling, or the ultra surge in pleasure exerted from the twist of the throttle, or the pride of being one with the world and the outdoors, or be it just for the whims and fancies of owning a machine.... Ah! Just beginning to elucidate on my favourite, or let’s just say, most preferred topic for all of us here gets the juices flowing on an otherwise mind-numbing day. So much so that we think about riding and the paraphernalia even while crunching deadlines at work!

But why ride bikes, really? There’s no definite answer to this. But for starters, let’s just say it’s perhaps the sweetest form of transportation. Running late on a weekday? You know how best you can cut the traffic only if you’re on a motorcycle. However, for true wanderers, biking means being one with nature, more so with their true self. It is an extended identity that equates or comprehends the significance of soul-searching. You know, that latent desire for such kind of pleasure which cannot be satiated by usual solutions: where biking is the ultimate answer. 

MT Helmet

What begins as daydreams later become success stories of adventures created, done and dusted with oodles of pride and joy to take away as memories to cherish till the next big thing. Where getting lost is a way of finding oneself, where flat tyres do not flatten our spirits and where the journey matters more than the destination… Riding matters where feel begins and thinking ends.

The distortion motorcycling creates in our lives is so much the change our mind craves for. This Zen state of the biker ignores necessary evils like deadlines, bills to pay, five-year plans and more, so that your head under that helmet belongs only to you and no one else. Don’t term it selfishness, but as a state of completeness of the SELF. We lose ourselves in this one-way path of life featured by intolerable competition, where we often step back and underrate ourselves. That thought is shattered when you get on the saddle and thumb the ignition switch; firing up not just the engine but your quest for thrills and episodes of unadulterated fun.    

There are many reasons why we ride. But one reason worth mentioning is that it’s pure fun that leaves you with a feeling of responsibility in the end. Responsible Fun - we like the sound of that… beats drinking any day!

Get on the bike as much as you can and ride as much as you want. Because all you've got is one life.


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